The story really isn’t that long but we felt the need to fill up this page.

A (very) brief history

In January 2011 Drew Melton got the idea to start designing user submitted words and phrases in order to practice his craft in community. In his own words, "Most design sites or blogs are merely feeds of disconnected visual stimulation. I wanted to do something that you could actually influence and invest into." He quickly purchased the domain and setup a very basic submission form. Receiving over 90 submissions in the first week confirmed that people were interested and fueled the project forward. Ray Brown was soon brought on to help develop the new site. Phraseology was underway.

So what is this?

In addition to wanting to create work based on community submissions Drew wanted a framework to explore typography further. Up to this point the designs are purely typographic — sometimes diving into a mix of illustration and type. All of the words and phrases are designed by Drew or guest creatives from around the country. (see contributors on the left)

The Phraseology Project is meant to be a running experiment in typography. It is meant to be a framework for exercise and practice in Typography. We try our best to come up with our best work always but more importantly we value practice and healthy process. In other words, these pieces aren't perfect. But they are honest. We celebrate the process of design and creativity in all of its' outcomes.


Feel free to share the designs! Blog it, talk about it, email it, use it as a desktop (or iPhone) background or use it as inspiration for your own work. However, any physical production of this work for sale is strictly prohibited. Please do not use this work for commercial purposes.